Speaking the ‘Parent Language’ 

Adapting Your School Marketing Strategy for New-age Parents 

This eBook will help you build a successful marketing strategy that works on ‘Millennial Parents.’

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Parents - Now vs. Then 

The first step of a successful marketing strategy is knowing your audience. For schools, it’s Parents. Not just any parents, but millennial parents - who think differently, talk differently and act differently than any other generation before them. 

They prefer digital engagement, rely on social proof, and most importantly trust credible success stories. To appeal to them you can’t rely merely on your school’s infrastructure and facilities. You have to show believable stories that show the possible future of their child. 

Speaking the ‘Parent Language’ - Key Insights

Let’s break down the formula for a successful School Marketing Strategy that appeals to New-age Parents

  • Meet the Millennial Parent - Recognize what makes new-age parents different from others
  • What Parents Want - Understand the expectations and motivations behind parents' admission decision 
  • The Right Communication - Identify the right message, source, and communication channels to reach parents 
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