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Univariety’s Ideal Career Test Gave Me a Fresh Perspective

Have you ever wondered how different your life could have been if you had chosen another career for yourself? Though we are at the right place at the right time, there is always this curiosity about an unknown life that could have been, had we become an IT professional or a lawyer.

At Univariety, we encourage students to take an actual test that can bring this curiosity to the fore. It’s called the Ideal Career Test (ICT). Several of our partner schools have helped their students identify new career paths that they hadn’t even thought of, thanks to this test. One such school is The Indian Public School in Erode, Tamil Nadu (TIPS).

What Are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric assessments are a scientific way of finding a student’s already existing interest, aptitude and personality to help them in making the RIGHT career choices at the RIGHT time.

Through psychometric tests students are able to:

Have insights
about their true personality

Choose a
career that brings happiness, prosperity, vocation and passion together

Get expert
guidance to help them in framing their career path

Types Of Psychometric

Assessments Offered

Choosing the right career is the most important decision in the life of a student. It is the one decision that is followed by every other academic choice they have to make. Here’s why students must take this test:

  • Offers better understanding of students’ strengths and personality
  • Helps students identify their best suited career
  • Tested and approved by 200+ professionals
  • Constantly updating algorithm according to emerging careers
  • Ideal for students between Grade 8 to 12
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There are different types of intelligences- none better than the other. Based on their intelligence every child develops a specific set of skills. Discovering this would help them in making the right choices academically.

  • Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner
  • Improved student performance in 78% of the cases studied over a 3-year study in USA
  • Uses proprietary technology to match student’s intelligence type with suitable careers
  • Insights about aptitude helps students in Grade 9 choose right subjects for higher studies

Some students learn through sound while others visually and there is yet another kind who learn through experience. It is imperative that students are aware of their learning styles to better understand their abilities.

  • It is the renowned Dunn & Dunn Learning Style test
  • Reveals how a particular student prefers to study, concentrate and learn
  • Analyses student’s learning preferences in the immediate environment
  • Understanding of student’s emotional, sociological and physical needs
  • Students in Grade 8 are highly benefited by the test
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There are 16 different types of personalities through which a student can identify about their strengths and weaknesses. Every child is unique in their own way and knowing about their personality helps them understand what they are attracted to and why.

  • Based on the model of non-judgment
  • Explores the basic motivations that drive the student
  • Identifies the student’s natural predispositions and tendencies
  • Helps in deciding which careers are best suited to the personality type
  • Right time to take the test is in Grade 9
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It is important for students to know which stream is best suited for them much before their boards. Their academic journey from 8th standard should ideally be based on this choice.

  • Based on the RIASEC theory
  • Determines a student’s verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude
  • Helps students choose their best suited stream after 10th class
  • Results are broadly divided into aptitude section and interest section
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Is learning about history, literature, social sciences the right choice for a student? This test is made to correctly assess that.

  • Designed for students who have decided to pursue a career in humanities
  • Helps students determine their best suited subjects in humanities stream
  • Prepared using scientific techniques and measured for statistical accuracy
  • Ideal for students in Grade 10
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Do you see yourself being part of the bustling corporate world one day? This test will let you know if commerce is the right stream for you.

  • Designed for students who have decided to pursue a career in commerce
  • Helps students determine their best suited subjects in commerce stream
  • Prepared using scientific techniques and measured for statistical accuracy
  • Ideal for students in Grade 10
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The world of engineering is vast. Find out which branch of engineering will reap the best benefits for you.

  • Designed for students who have decided to pursue a career in engineering
  • Helps students determine their best suited filed in engineering
  • Prepared using scientific techniques and measured for statistical accuracy
  • Ideal for students in Grade 10
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Why Should Every Student Take
Psychometric Tests?


The childhood desire of becoming a pilot may no longer be so strong after Class 8


By taking the psychometric tests students are able to discover their interests, skills and aptitude


With the nature of a student revealed, counsellors are able to guide them towards the right direction

Right Choice

Through the process a student is able to find their true calling and follow the right career path

Why Should Schools Have
Psychometric Tests For Their Students?


Psychometric tests brings harmony among students and their chosen fields


Teachers are able to guide students on the basis of their aptitude, interests and personality


Student education that is backed by scientific choices results in great value for parents

Successful Alumni

Because success follows people who do what they are actually passionate about