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Univariety’s deep association with partner schools from tier 1 and tier 2 cities provide universities with access to aspiring students and parents.


Schools reachout for sessions


High school students


Personalised 1-1 sessions


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The Differentiator

Students & Parents

Students &

Students & Parents

Students &

UniEngage Platform
Connect with relevant students, parents and high-school counsellors.
Digital Media Engagement
Digital Media
Reach interested audience via internal & external media engagement.
Counsellor Engagement
Connect with over 10,000 counsellors to build a network pan India.
Interact with alumni from partner schools for UG & PG program recruitment.
High Schools
High Schools
Be part of our high school network and build long-lasting relationships.
Connect and engage with students and parents in solo or group school events.

Industry Insights

Univariety has served 425+ schools and partnered with 200+ universities. Here are last year’s insights on student career decisions from partner universities.

Industry Insights


Number of countries our students went to


Number of universities that made offers to our students


Total number of admisison offers received


Students shortlist more than one country

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Key Offerings

UniEngage Student & School Connect

Recruit & interact with students, parents and high-school counsellors from Univariety's network.

UniEngage Student & School Connect

  • Build awareness about the university.
  • Identify & engage with qualified students & parents.
  • Stay connected with high-school counsellors.

  • Interact with students & parents who have expressed interest.
  • Connect with high school counsellors to grow the university’s network.
  • Generate applications and enrollments through constant engagement from Univariety.
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U-Mail Campaigns

Reach the most relevant group of students by sending a strategic U-mail campaign based on students' program & country preferences, academics, test scores and extracurricular activities.

U-Mail Campaigns

  • Directly reach interested students.
  • Liberty to send specific information to a targeted list.
  • Drive students towards a specific action point.

  • Create awareness about the university and generate interest.
  • Receive better open rates on U-mails.
  • Engage with students and receive their reaction.
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U-Session Campaigns

Plan and schedule exclusive sessions with students and parents for the University.

U-Session Campaigns

  • Personally interact with students and parents.
  • Meet pre-screened students that meet the universities admission requirement.
  • Flexibility to schedule U-sessions on basis of the university’s availability.

  • Receive qualified leads by investing time and effort in the right place.
  • Connect with interested students and parents over a personal interactive session.
  • Convert interested students to applicants.
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Create awareness about the university by featuring in Univariety’s exclusive blog network of students, parents high-school management and counsellors.


  • Feature the university and key points in blogs.
  • Build awareness about the university.
  • Opportunity to increase the university’s brand reach.

  • Receive a massive number of views on the blog.
  • Increase in brand visibility as a university.
  • Create awareness about the university.
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Counsellor Connect

Connect with Univariety’s huge network of high-school counsellors and certified Global Career Counsellors spread across India.

Counsellor Connect

  • Increase your reach in Univariety’s 10,000+ counsellor base.
  • Network with high-school counsellors and certified career counsellors.
  • Interact with the Univariety’s unique extended counsellor network.

  • Spread awareness about the university among students who are connected with the counsellors.
  • Receive a complete list of counsellors post-session.
  • Build a long-lasting relationship with the counsellors.
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Manage Your Microsite

Universities get the privilege to add and manage their microsite to engage and attract aspiring students.

Manage Your Microsite

  • Customised positioning of the university.
  • List key points about the university along with programs.
  • Showcase pictures and videos of students and faculty.

  • Create a fantastic university portfolio.
  • Get shortlisted by interested students.
  • Increase chances of students willing to interact with the university.
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Conduct exclusive solo webinars to interact with enthusiastic students and parents from Univariety’s high school network and beyond.


  • Master class by a faculty to showcase how learning takes place at the university.
  • Presentation by admissions team to explain what students can expect from the university.
  • Current students and alumni panel act as stakeholders to engage with students and parents.

  • Connect with relevant students, parents and high-school counsellors.
  • Interact with a targeted audience for 45 mins to 60 mins.
  • Conduct exclusive solo events.
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Be part of premium virtual high school fairs with multiple universities participating.


  • Participate in high impact school fairs.
  • Engage with high schools in the Univariety network.
  • Interact with students, parents and high school counsellors.

  • Increase university’s visibility in the high school network.
  • Reach relevant students that are thinly spread across multiple high schools.
  • Build connections with high school counsellors and parents.
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Uni-Reach UG & Graduate Student Recruitment Events

Engage with high-school management & counsellors in a virtual event to create awareness about the university and interact with a large pool of relevant students.

Uni-Reach UG & Graduate Student Recruitment Events

  • Dedicated presentation slot during the event.
  • Support from Univariety in engaging the university with students that have expressed interest.
  • Access the largest platform for UG student recruitment in India.

  • Take part in Univariety’s largest multi-country virtual event.
  • Post-event engagement support with students matching the university’s criteria.
  • Connect with a large number of students in one event with 1000+ registrations and 500+ attendees.
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Partner Universities

BITS Pilani

BITS Pilani,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Carleton University

Carleton University,
Ottawa, Canada

Flame University

Flame University,
Pune, Maharashtra

Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University,
Michigan, USA

IMS Unison University

IMS Unison University,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Indian Institute of Art & Design

Indian Institute of Art & Design,
Okhla, Delhi

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Manipal Academy of Higher Education,
Manipal, Karnataka

MIT World Peace University

MIT World Peace University,
Pune, Maharashtra

Plaksha University

Plaksha University,
Sahibzada, Punjab

Sage University

Sage University,
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Swiss Education Group

Swiss Education Group,

Switz Education Foundation

Switz Education Foundation,

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin, Ireland

Vellore Institute of Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology,
Vellore, Tamil Nadu

World University of Design

World University of Design,
Sonepat, Haryana

Events & Webinars

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What Educators Say About Us

Rob Finlayson

From Teaching to Career Counselling

Professor (Dr.) C.Raj Kumar
Cassy Teft de Munoz


Univariety is the largest network of private High Schools in India. Universities can be part of our ecosystem consisting of 100,000+ Students, 500+ High Schools, 7000+ Counselors & 70,000+ High School Alumni. We use a mix of technology, student recruitment marketing activities and virtual fairs to help Universities connect and recruit relevant students.

Universities can work with us on the following activities:
a. Student Recruitment and Marketing: 1. UniEngage Student Connect Platform: The fastest was to connect with students that are not just meeting your criteria but have also expressed specific interest towards your University.
2. Umail Campaings: Launch a strategic Umail campaign to send specific information to a relevant group of students on topics such as Key Programs, Application Deadlines, Student Services, and Upcoming Events etc.
3. USessions: Meet pre-screened students that are meeting your admission requirement.
4. Blogs: Create awareness on key points in regards to your institution through our exclusive Univariety Blog website.
5. Counselor Connect by Univariety: Engage with 7000+ Counselor Network.
6. Microsite Management: 16,000+ Universities are listed on Univariety. Customize your microsite to create more awareness and interest among students.
b. Virtual Student Recruitment Events:
1. UniConnect Webinars: Exclusive 1 Hour Webinars for just one University. Conduct Masterclass, Alumni Sessions etc.
2. UniMeet Virtual High School Fairs: Engage with 1600+ Students from over 300+ High Schools in one of the largest virtual UG High School Fair. Click here to view our Event Calendar.
3. UniReach Graduate / Masters Virtual Events: Connect with relevant student from a growing network of 70,000+ students interested in pursuing Master Programs.
4. UniMeet School Specific High School Fairs: Engage with students of just one High School deeply through High School Specific Events that are hosted by the High School and Univariety.

At Univariety, we give utmost importance to data privacy. Data of only those students that have provided their consent or specific interest towards your University will be shared. In the case of events / virtual fairs, all participating universities will receive information of students who have provided their consent to share contact information. We will also share information of those students that you have engaged with during the event.

We work with Domestic and International Universities. Our University partners are from India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai etc.

500+ High Schools spread across over 70+ Cities in India. Our partner high schools offer IB, IGCSE, CBSE and ISE curriculums.